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Little Joys, Happy Life

I’ve been absent for a beat, folks, and I apologize. We sold our house and moved, which took away from available post time but also means I now live in my dream house and creating my best life. Now that we’re settled in, it’s time to catch up with you all. Know that I didn’t forget about any of you – on the contrary, I’m in the process of re-branding this entire site. Therefore, you will see fun new posts and content, coming very very soon!!!! 🙂

Til then, I bring you this little post about the little joys in life.

Finally moving to the country, I realized just how many little joys are around me and I’ve beenactively taking the time to notice them and acknowledge them. I had been “busy” for so long, I no longer took the time to notice the deliciousness of a cup of coffee or the brightness of the night sky, or something as simple as finding a good movie on Netflix. These are the little joys for which I now actively express gratitude, as I always want my little joys to know that I appreciate them. I now choose to recognize them. I choose to be grateful for the little things, as gratitude is a natural healer of negativity and anxiety, and I’ve come to realize that.

Gratitude can heal the whole world, really 🙂

With this in mind, I launch this idea to you:

I invite you all to take pictures of the little joys in your life and post them on IG with the hashtag: #littlejoyshappylife.

Let’s take the time to capture the little things we are grateful for. Even if you take a picture of your pillow because you are grateful for sleep. Take it, recognize it, share it.

In short, this is an activity to remind ourselves to be grateful.

For me, my goal is to post 30 pictures in the next 30 days. This will give you some fun IG content to see, while I finish updating my revamped website.

This will inspire me to continue my quest to find the beauty all around and I hope that I can inspire you to do the same. In this really negative world, we need to take the time to recognize the beauty. Gratitude can heal a lot more than people thing. Let’s join “hands” and just be grateful for the little joys and get a step closer to a happy life! : ) #littlejoyshappylife

Til then, I thank you all for reading.

I am grateful for YOU!

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