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I Am Me

Sometimes, I write a little poetry.

It catches me from time to time, a nugget of inspiration that doesn’t come out as writing or painted art, it comes out as a poem.

I can never predict how my inspiration will arrive, I can only guarantee that it will, eventually, pop up and cause me the urge to make…. make a post, make a chapter, make a painting, or make a poem. Ah creativity, my dear friend.

This poem came to me when I was sitting, thinking about my meditation practice and how I could incorporate some form of mantra, or prayer to go along with my regular “routine”. You know, just words to inspire a positive thought process during my moments of silence where I try and center the inner me and to find my balance. I wanted something encouraging, happy, yet short and to the point. Something I could learn by heart and repeat to myself.

I came up with this.

I Am Me

I am me;
This is my journey.
While others live their story,
I’m right here writing mine.

I am still.
I breath. Go within.
While others live their hurry,
I choose to take my time.

I am peace.
My soul feels at ease.
While others find their happy,
I create mine inside.

I am me.
This is my journey.
While others live their story,
I’m right here writing mine.

Thanks for reading folks.

And remember, beyond the fuzzy clouds, there are clear skies.

MarMar Oaks


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