Fuzzy Clouds & Clear Skies

Thoughts about anxiety, self confidence, and how I'm learning to find my inner-happy.

About the writer

Hi. Welcome to the blog of MarMar Oaks.

MarMar is a banker, an artist, a writer, a partner, a daughter, a friend, an employee, a cancer survivor, a divorcee, a person that does not drink (anymore), a self-proclaimed awesome weirdo with a very geeky side, an anxious person on a journey of deep healing, a lover of all things nature and pets, especially trees and dogs.

MarMar is also a blogger.

MarMar is a human who really just wants to be happy, with herself, her tribe and the world around her. This is a collection of journal entries detailing her thoughts and the tales of her journey there.

Enjoy, comment positively, and share your story too! 

And remember, beyond the fuzzyclouds, there are clear skies.